Interior Woodworking Installer Friendly Cabinetry

Solid wood face frames offer secure cabinet to cabinet installation.

All cabinets are constructed with a full 1/2" back allowing for more solid fastening
to your walls.

Face frames on our upper cabinets include a 3" top rail, allowing more support,
and positioning for crown and other moldings.

Our standard cabinet offers 1/4" of scribe at the sides, but can be ordered with a
reverse stile, giving you an extra 1/2" of scribe.

Flush finished end panels come attached to the cabinets with 1/8" overhang,
allowing scribe where they meet the wall.

Base cabinets feature a 2" rail at the front and back giving you more surface area to
attach countertops (sink bases have corner blocks at the front to allow more room for
the sinks).

Cabinets can be ordered with extended stiles to offer more clearance around thick
casings and base moldings.

Toe supports come attached to the cabinets, but can be sent loose when ceiling height
or doorway width is an issue.


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